CutlureSOUL: Dancin’ - The African Americans - 21st century

How we do. 

1. Jill Scott & Boris Kodjoe at ‘Baggage Claim’ afterparty, Sept. 2013

2. Rev. Al Sharpton & dancer at Michael Jackson memorial, 2009

3. Beyonce and Jay Z

4. Lupita, Chiwetel & Steve McQueen, New Orleans, Oct. 2013

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Ladies, life is too short to remain in a relationship with someone who is too immature to appreciate everything that is within you, everything that you’re willing to share with them. Trust that there is someone who will remain consistent in terms of what it takes to keep a smile on your face. If it’s real love you desire then preserve your time for someone who shows the potential of being worthy of your energy.


I Want You - Janet Jackson

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  • God: Girl
  • Me: Ikr
  • God: sis…
  • Me: who you tellin
  • God: what I tell u
  • Me: girl I know



So you thought I was kidding about the flower thing huh?


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more random almost-forgotten r&b songs from the early/mid-2000s

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Favorite Foods + Garlic Bread

God is real

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I giggled #100happydays


"What’s your greatest struggle right now?"
"Hitting a kick flip."
"Getting my average past 90."
"Getting some vagina."
"Me too."

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W Magazine: Ciara’s Great Expectations

The pregnant pop star is ready for her close up.

Pregnant & still killin it. Fierceness right here!!!

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